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    The 5 Dumbest Ads Of May

    Dumb. Dumber. Dumberer. Dumbest. Dumbester.


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    Via Puerto Rico it's the "Hands-free Whopper" promo.

    The press note:

    "Burger King in Puerto Rico is celebrating its 50th anniversary by giving away a new device they worked on with DLC/Ogilvy & Mather – it's called the "Hands Free Whopper." Using their CRM database, the company identified 50 loyal customers and sent them one of the handsfree kits."

    Great device. How the fuck do I eat the other half of the Whopper? WITH MY HANDS.

    2. Ad for some internet service in Peru. Updated total of the number of times Einstein has appeared in an advert: 984,365,075,583,993,894 times.


    "Save The Beaches" ad via Spain.

    Really? This is the borrowed interest image you think works best? Talk about your square metaphor in a round issue. Also, Tiananmen Square has been riffed on over and over again by lazy-ass art directors (see below).

    Left to Right: Lego, some stupid Advertising Week seminar, Sims snowboards.

    4. And, numbers 4 & 5, via Brazil for Range Rover. This is, probably (my memory is fading as I approach 90 years-old), the dumbest, most forced copy-driven campaign I've ever seen. COCO CHANIETZSCHE?

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