The 6 Best "Earth Hour" Ads.

March 23rd is the date we are all urged to turn off our lights for an hour at 8:30 pm. The Darth Vader one is the best.

1. From 2009, Via Australia.

2. From 2011, Via Australia. Pretty Funny.

3. In São Paulo Tonight Glow-In-The-Condoms Are Being Distributed All Over The City (Ad Agency: Leo Burnett).

4. From 2010, Via Canada. I bet Coors Light Wasn’t Fond Of This Ad.

5. From 2010, A Promotional Candle Given Out In Manila.

6. My Favorite, From 2010, Via Belgium.

7. And, Here’s One Really Bad One For This Year, Via WWF Canada

Many make a good argument for Earth Hour being a useless, even harmful, “enviro-stunt.”
But, maybe it raises awareness for people to be more energy-conscious the other 364 days of the year? (I’m looking at you, lazy people, who drive 3 blocks to pick up smokes and beer.)

Previously: The Most Powerful Climate Change Ads Ever Produced.

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