The 45 Coolest Promo Mobiles Of The Last 100 Years

    From the Blatz BeerMobile to the WienerMobile, and every awesome ad-mobile in between.

    1. The "Pep-O-Mint" car via Life Savers. Darling.

    2. "The lamp without glare" — cool as Hell.

    3. The Moxie Horse Mobiles were big in the 1920s. Not a real horse.

    4. The Blatz Beermobile. Awesome.

    5. The Hoover vacuum-mobile. COOL.

    6. The be-finned Bic Pens Mobile.

    7. The Zippo windproof lighter mobile. Brilliant.

    8. The Miror metal polish promo-van.

    9. Berrogaz butane/propane truck.

    10. Via Italy. Don't know what business it was for, but it was a sharp vehicle.

    11. The very slick Butagaz-mobile, another French butane/propane company.

    12. This rocket-like vehicle promoted the futuristic TELEAVIA French TV. These French promo vehicles used to line up along the Tour de France route.

    13. Hey Hey, it's the MonkeesMobile.

    14. The Kissmobile was created in 1997.

    15. A Kiss tongue-bug.

    16. The new (2011) Nutmobile.

    17. The rolling Goldfish is smart looking.

    18. The Peep Beetle, adorned for X-Mas.

    19. The Reebok road runner racing shoe-car.

    20. The "Tonymobile" which also features other Kellogg's icons Toucan Sam and Snap, Crackle, and Pop.

    21. The Boston Lobster Feast Bug of Orlando is pretty damn scary.

    22. Who wouldn't want to drive an orange? The Outspan Orangemobile is via Fyffes, an Irish fruit and produce company.

    23. The Yoo Hoo bottle trailer.

    24. Unknown farm or produce truck. Damn nice.

    25. The awesome Meow Mix Mobile.

    26. Tina's Italian Ices

    27. Yummie.

    28. The turtle Beetle of Turtle Transit, a business that makes custom promo vehicles.

    29. The Flying Fingers Yarn Shop van.

    30. This burgermobile is via the Westport Flea Market Bar & Grillin of Kansas City.

    31. The "Avacardo" is appearing in a current Subway commercial.

    32. A Del Monte Banana mobile.

    33. A Ronald ShoeMobile.

    34. A ScorpionCar for Truly Nolen pest control.

    35. A muffler-mobile.

    36. The L.L. Bean Bootmobile.

    37. The HootSuite hoot-bus.

    38. A shoe car (made of leather) for Kang shoes, via China.

    39. A HippoMobile, via Kabaya, a Japanese confectionery company.

    40. Yes, it's Lincoln's Toe Truck of Seattle. A Beautiful thing.

    41. Via the UK, it's the Bird's Eye Pea Car.

    42. The Cadbury fleet of Egg Cars.

    43. The "Sperm" bike of the European Sperm Bank, via Copnehagen. That's CEO Peter Bower delivering frozen samples to fertility clinics. Really.

    44. The Red Bull Mini-mobiles.

    45. And of course the King Of The Road.


    About half these great photos are via the Product Mobiles blog, which updates regularly. Check it out.