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    The 15 Best Stock Photos Of People Yelling At Computers

    What are they yelling at? Slow connection? Twitter? Unconvincing porn performances? Let's take some guesses.

    His goth girlfriend drops the hammer.

    Memo: You're being replaced in right field on the company softball team.

    Something something hair something.

    Duh, he's using an old computer.

    Definitely hetero porn-related.

    I don't know, but he's a complete fucking idiot.

    He has Joses Reyes on his fantasy baseball team.

    His monitor's off, and he doesn't know it.

    I don't know, but she's turning me on.

    ManHunt is down again.

    Yet again, she disagrees with Martha Stewart Living.

    Hubby and Wifey on Skype.

    Nothing in particular, she's just insane.

    His lunch date hated his tie.

    The circle jerk has been canceled.

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