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The 13 Worst Things For Sale On Amazon

Including a $550 cat hamster wheel (pictured) and "Dude Wipes." Via the excellent The Worst Things For Sale.

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The Toy Go Round Exercise Wheel costs $550.

If you have a cat, you know that this is the most useless thing ever invented.

Remember: this video is the best demonstration they could come up with.


Form the Description:

"Whether youre a social media novice or an online networking guru, thinking up things to post can be perplexing. With Tweets & Status Updates for All Occasions at the keyboard, your virtual musings are sure to be instantly, effortlessly wittyand endlessly re-tweetable. Chapters range from ""Interposal Posts"" to ""Cultural Comments""..."

Via my new favorite website: The Worst Things For Sale.

Bookmark it. He updates daily.