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The 13 Worst Plastic Surgery Ads In The World

See if you can pick the most insulting one.

1. Angelina Jowlie


"Nobody will look younger than you".

The ad is for the Xiomara Coronado Beauty Center.

Ecuador—I think you can forget about any goodwill missions from the Jolie-Pitts.

2. O—O


For a plastic surgery clinic in Taiwan.

Translation: "The only thing you should worry about is how to explain it to your children."

3. Brains are ugly

For BePerfect Esthetic Clinics in Belgium.

Headline: "What is it they say about inner beauty?"

4. When 12 year-old boys make ads

Via Brazil.

Copy: "Fix that little defect nobody notices."

5. It's Colorforms Fun!

Via Israel.

Badly translated headline: "It's no child's play."

RAMBAM would like local vain Jewish women to know that, if it's bigger tits and rounder asses they seek, RAMBAM is a serious place that does not use a Colorforms-like doll during your initial consultancy appointment. Good, that.

Note the childish footnote: "The model is not a patient."

6. With This Ring, I Thee MotorBoat


Via Seoul.

7. Lost The Tail, Gained About Three Cup Sizes

Clinica Dempere is a plastic surgery clinic in Caracas, Venezuela. I doubt ad agency ZEA BBDO ran this by the Disney lawyers.

8. Cats don't help every photo

9. The cup's empty, she's just hiding her huge honker.

For Toronto Plastic Surgery.

Yes, let me point out to everybody in the food court that I don't like my nose, and give your clinic some free publicity, while drinking my coffee.

10. You Stay Classy, South Carolina

11. I've Been Boning Up

For a plastic surgeon in Colombia.

Get some work done so you can finally get some, ladies.

12. Hey Fat Cows...

For the Del Mar medical spa in Bucharest.

Not insulting in the least.

13. Now she's a GILF.

For a Calgary plastic surgeon.

"FUCK hip surgery, as long as I look like my granddaughter."

This ad manages to insult everybody in the entire world.

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