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    13 Best Cute Print Ads Of The Last 10 Years

    I, personally, hate cute ads. But BuzzFeed readers — apparently — like them. There's no accounting for taste.


    Scrabble is the devil's game. But, Jesus, this ad out of India by the Mumbai office of O&M is cute and smart as poop.


    Isn't this the goddamn cutest car ad you've ever seen? That marshmallow is so sweet-looking. And apparently, the Smart Car is “tougher than it looks,” according to government tests. Ad agency: BBDO NYC.


    Try not to smile at this Bark in the Park ad. Ad agency: Ogilvy New Zealand.


    But then, if you can't do a cute dog food ad, you don't belong in advertising. Ad agency: Publicis, Montreal.


    The best ad from a Cannes Gold Lion campaign for Energizer batteries. Ad agency: DDB South Africa.


    Aquafresh Milk Teeth is for kids up to 3 years old. Look at cute Gummy Cobra and Jackhammer Rabbit, poised to decimate your little one's teeth — cutely! Ad agency: ACW Grey, Israel.


    Secret Squirrel has a Fu Manchu! The ad won many awards. Ad agency: BBDO Dubai.


    The best ad from the cutest safe-sex campaign ever.

    Ad agency: Grey Germany.


    The best ad from an award-winning campaign for Swedish Fish. Ad agency: JWT NYC.


    Cutesy-wootsy ad via Germany for Vodafone's video rental service. Ad agency: Scholz & Friends, Düsseldorf.


    Up all night, nap all day.

    Poster ads for Williamsburg’s Main Drag Music. If you look closely, you’ll notice that not only is the rocker kid cutting his sugar powder on an Etch-a-Sketch, he’s doing it with a Pokémon card. Precious.

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