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The 12 Best Worst Stock Photos Of The Year

Warning: awkward creepiness ahead.


This photo is titled "Cactus Games."

In Arizona, all sodomy is illegal, unless it involves something prickly.


"Hello, welcome to Verizon, I'm Brandine, could you hold for ten squirts?"


Why so shitty?

I'm sure it's ice cream.


Image is titled: "Screaming Blind Terrified Woman With Blood and Bandage on Her Eyes and Sharp Scissors." She's not really giving us "Terrified," she's giving us "Psychotic."


The stock photo's description: "SEXY FUNNY GUY IN A DALMATIANS SUIT."

Sorry, but that's a cow suit.


Lamely titled, "Boy (10-11) Holding Toy Gun."

Should have been titled: WILLIAM WALLACE!!!!!

This doesn't really belong in this post, I love this photo and I love this kid. I'd cast the hell out of him everywhere.


The photo is titled "Woman female girl," though she looks kinda like a boy.

It's the head-tilt that makes this shot a tad creepy.


Titled: "Crazy Hobo Holding a Business Card."

The business card is blank.

It's from a crazy series called "Crazy Hobo."


LOL, suicide.


LOL, suicide.


Title: "Armpita."

From a series of stock photos that have never been purchased.


From a series of stock photos "Hot Women Giving You The Finger."

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