The 12 Best Playboy Christmas Covers

In chronological order. Safe for work-ish.

1. 1953

The first ever Playboy issue, featuring Marilyn Monroe.

2. 1954

Playmate Terry Ryan in the frame.
Ryan’s pictorial was the first one photographed directly under Playboy’s supervision. Before this, they bought photos from independent photographers (Wikipedia).

4. 1959

Interview with Jack Kerouac.

5. 1964

Leroy Neiman’s “Femlin” — the party jokes page character — makes a cover appearance.

6. 1966

The Playmate of this issue was Susan Bernard, who says she “was the first under-18 Jewish virgin who was in the centerfold…” (Wikipedia).

7. 1967


8. 1968

Playmate Cynthia Meyers is a tree.

9. 1969

Rabbit head mistletoe.

11. 1972

Can you find the rabbit head?

12. 1978

RIP, Farrah.


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