The 10 Dumbest WonderBra Ads

I've seen them all. These are the dumbest.

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Death becomes you, if you remember to demand that you be buried in a WonderBra.

Ad agency: Dentsu, Singapore.


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No translation needed.

Note: WonderBra invited men to submit women into a Miss WonderBra Button contest. Nothing unseemly there.

Ad agency: Leagas Delaney, Milan.



To introduce their Ultimate Plunge bra, WonderBra projected this ad featuring model Adriana Cernanova onto London's Battersea Power Station. Women (no men) were invited to bungee from a giant crane into Cernanova's plunging cleavage. And some, for some reason, actually did (below).

There are a slew of student WonderBra ads online.

I tried to avoid them.

Note: the creative teams on most of these ads were all-male.