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    The 10 Craziest Retro Gun Ads

    I did a background check on every one of these adverts, and they're all insane.

    1. "Daddy, are you in the baffroom (BLAM!)?

    2. 1965. Is he supposed to be me or him?

    3. Nice furry chaps, pardner. Unclear who exactly he is mowing down here. Cattle rustlers? A posse? His cow hands? Anybody and everybody?

    4. Unclear of scene: copper is about to shoot knife-wielding bad guy in the face, but who is he sitting on? Another bad guy? He looks dead. And I see no weapon on the ground.

    5. Or maybe you could talk to each other? Or throw some haymakers?

    6. I, for you, do not endorse Santa riding around with an arsenal.

    7. Yeah, you go ahead and "hammer the hammer" all you want.

    8. Get yer cheap "beautiful" anti-tank guns, while they last. Have you seen what a .55 caliber shell does to a human being? I have.

    9. Husband...or TRAMP? Well that tramp's about to get aerated by a dame in a housecoat with a little Iver Johnson widowmaker.

    10. Subhead on the girl's nightie: "Papa says it won't hurt us." (several recent headlines say other otherwise) Better let Janie practice on her dolly first before she takes on tramps.