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    That's Not A Dog House — This Is A Dog House

    Eight designs for the architecturally-aware canine.

    1. Dog Cabin. Can't find any seller information online. It's probably a custom job.

    2. For today's environmentally aware dog.


    Keeps your dog cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Made of 20% recycled materials, this house takes advantage of the natural temperature of the Earth and provides a cocoon for your dog. It has been designed to be partially underground and is indestructible, leak-proof, UV resistant, chew-proof, and comes with a lifetime warranty. You can order it here, but you have to create an account.

    3. For the dog who's a fan of minimalism — Frank Lloyd Wright-inspired abode.

    4. For the do-it-yourself-er: Old TV console turned into classy dog bed.

    5. A depressing apocalyptic Noah's ark-like design.

    6. For your little princess. Only 1,999 Euro. Buy it here.

    7. Another custom job. This would run you about two grand a month here in NYC.

    8. Perhaps your pup is a Lord of the Rings fan?


    "An earthen house using clay, straw and manure (horse or cow) that stays cool in summer and protects from snow, rain and harsh winds in winter." Alas, this design is sold out on etsy. But you could make it yourself, I bet.

    9. WANT MORE?

    Here you go: 10 Outrageous Luxury Doghouses.

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