That's Not A Dog House — This Is A Dog House

    Eight designs for the architecturally-aware canine.

    1. Dog Cabin. Can't find any seller information online. It's probably a custom job.

    2. For today's environmentally aware dog.

    3. For the dog who's a fan of minimalism — Frank Lloyd Wright-inspired abode.

    4. For the do-it-yourself-er: Old TV console turned into classy dog bed.

    5. A depressing apocalyptic Noah's ark-like design.

    6. For your little princess. Only 1,999 Euro. Buy it here.

    7. Another custom job. This would run you about two grand a month here in NYC.

    8. Perhaps your pup is a Lord of the Rings fan?

    9. WANT MORE?

    Here you go: 10 Outrageous Luxury Doghouses.