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Silk Soy Milk's Disgusting Ad (FINAL UPDATE)

This is not a spoof. It is on Silk's official YouTube page.

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NOTE: ad video removed at request of Kenny Wu.

The video was user-submitted for a competition last year, apparently. (I've been told by a reader. That hasn't been verified.) But, there's no copy about the competition on the Silk channel, nor on the video page. So what it is right now, is an ad for Silk soy milk, approved by Silk.

UPDATE: Silk took the video private, but! we made a copy. It will be back up soon.

And, we're back.

UPDATE #2: A reader, Casey, says this is not Silk's ad. "Silk STOLE the video from Filmmaker Kenny Wu from a different series of videos and are passing it off as their own. Kenny and the girl in the video are working to get them to remove the video (which is why it is private I am assuming)."

Neither the actress, or Kenny agreed to Silk using the footage from the original video.

UPDATE #3: Here's Silk's response:

"Hi, this is Margaret from Silk. Just wanted to chime in quickly on the post. You are correct that this was a user submitted video, as part of a contest we ran in 2011 with the help of ZOOPPA. It was never used as advertising by Silk (television or otherwise).

Obviously the intent of the video contest was to have some fun, and encourage creativity. Many of those who submitted were aspiring filmmakers and we wanted to share a range of their work on our YouTube page. While we didn't produce this video, we did sponsor the contest that prompted it being created. We can appreciate that some people have found it offensive and for that we sincerely apologize. As such, we have removed it from our YouTube page.

Reading the YouTube comments before it was pulled, more than "some people" found it offensive months ago. Not surprisingly, it was the most viewed video in Silk's channel.

UPDATE #4: The woman from the video responds:

This video was ripped off of my friend Kenny Wu's vimeo page. He did a series of videos with all of his close friends, with the same exact concept. Someone illegally ripped the video from his page and made it into a "commercial" for Silk. We are currently looking into legal action for copyright infringement. Neither of us gave our consent to use this video by any means, and the original piece has nothing to do with Silk or soymilk or any of that crap, it was just a slow motion test piece for kenny's camera.

Kenny's original video below.