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"Sexy Women Eating Melon, Alone"

Celebrate Summer with our latest trip into the bizarre world of stock photography. 22 photos.

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1. So, I typed the above phrase into Getty Images, and these are some of the best results.

2. Getty title: "In a gray environment, Erika is enjoying her small portion of sweetness and color"

3. I only eat food that matches my shirt.

4. I make art when I eat.

5. I'll be eating this melon for the next couple of hours.

6. I pick up men by eating melon, standing, alone, at the beach on windy days.

7. YAY — a woman of color (they were scarce).

8. (small piece of melon, right hand)

9. "Aggressively" eating melon, alone.

10. I put on a bikini and pose strangely whenever I eat melon, alone, in my white bedroom.

11. Note the watermelon earrings.

12. Ooh, underwater.



15. I am the prettiest in this Getty search.

16. NOBODY is sexier than me in this Getty search.

17. I am the eviliest in this Getty search.

18. Notice that she takes very tiny bites...

19. She likes to eat it messy.

20. She LOVES watermelon.

21. Her one meal for the day.

22. My ex-boyfriend didn't like watermelon.

All images via Getty.

This post was, of course, inspired by the now-classic Hairpin post:

Women laughing alone with salad.

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