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Senators Paired With Child Shooting Victims

Powerful website puts faces on the background check vote failure.

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The site — They Don't Work For You — was made by Brooklyn design shop Guts and Glory.

The site opens with photos of the six teachers killed in the Newtown, CT massacre.

Next up: All 45 Senators (41 Republicans, 4 Democrats) who voted against— and killed— the extended firearms background check bill.

The in-your-face pairings, one after the other, unquestionably create a powerful, gut-wrenching image. In addition to the twitter handles of the Senators, you're invited to share each page across social media. According to Guts & Glory, the children picked and pictured might not have perished if stricter firearms laws had been in place.

The scrolling slideshow ends with a photo of NRA executive vice president Wayne LaPierre and the copy:

"THESE SENATORS DON'T WORK FOR YOU. They work for the NRA, who works for the gun industry, whose soul purpose is to sell more guns."

More pairings below.

To see all 45, go to They Don't Work For You.



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