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Russian Advertising Is Obsessed With Boobs

Well, all advertising is, but the Russians take it up a notch with extra boobs and extra bouncing.

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2. TV commercial for Talisman, a language center. Show me your boobs.

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3. Translation: "Dirt can be beautiful. But not in your office. World Champions Cleaning Company."

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4. Rosgosstrakh car insurance.

I can only link to this commercial because it's very NSFW.

It's actually kind of a clever spot for Russia's largest car insurance company that features boobs crashing into each other.

Watch it here.

The gloved hand shoving the ninja bike into the sports car was a nice touch, as was the website reveal at the end.

5. Translation: "Only tits are affected from concussion if you wear this helmet." Spot is for GoFree, a chain of sporting goods stores. It's via Ukraine, not Russia, but the influence is obvious.

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8. Want more Boobsvertising?

Here's more, from all around world.

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