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Russian Ad Watch: Huge Squirrels

The Russians are obsessed with squirrels. You'll see.

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The new Snickers, spot, by BBDO Moscow, is cute but nothing worth going nuts over.

But, that country's definitely got a thing for squirrels.

A character named "Hell Squirrel" (spot below) is the national spokes-squirrel for alcohol awareness. The commercial is a wicked trip.

But, the Ministry of Health failed to copyright said Hell Squirrel, so investment company Rusinvest released an 80-proof vodka, capitalizing on the psychotic critter's considerable fame. Drunken Irony 1, Sober Russians 0.

And then, below that, it's sexy squirrel-women (yes, they're supposed to be squirrels) selling the Nestlé Nuts candy bar.

It's fine by me, I like squirrels.

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Hell Squirrel Vodka

Hell Squirrel Vodka

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