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    Renault "Va Va Voom" Ad Banned For "Objectifying Women"

    It truly is amazing that shite like this is still being produced in 2013.

    The ad is titled: "Two unsuspecting guys take the Renault Clio for a test drive."

    Yes, "unsuspecting."

    This is yet another one of those fake ambient ads where we're supposed to believe that the "unsuspecting" rubes aren't pre-informed actors.

    But that besides the main point — that this kind of stupid ad sets car advertising back 40 years, back to when you just laid a chick in a bikini on the hood of your car, snapped a shot, and called it advertising.

    There's not a lick of smart humor, not a lick of intelligence to be found in the spot.

    Va Va Voom button?

    England's Advertising Standards Authority concluded the ad objectified the dancers and banned it for being likely to cause serious or widespread offence.

    No shit.

    Also read Elizabeth Day's pointed take down of the ad at The Guardian.

    Ad Agency: None.