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    Recent Fashion Ads That Were Actually Good

    Though most fashion creative directors wouldn't know an idea if it walked naked down a runway, sometimes labels get it right. A London fashion week celebration.

    1. Iggy Pop for John Varvatos.


    Way back in 2006, before he made the dick move of turning the old CBGB space into his boutique, Varvatos shot Mr Pop in Manhattan for a series of bus stop posters ads. Iggy was an inspired choice at the time, since he rarely if ever was shot with ANY clothing on above the waist.

    Pop has gone on to do more fashion campaigns, but this was his first big one — and best.

    2. Lanvin's Fall 2012 campaign that used "real" people aged 18-80 was a nice departure from the hackneyed path.


    More images from the campaign here.

    3. This 2010 video for Diesel sneakers was so exponentially powerfully stupid, it worked.

    View this video on YouTube

    4. Gaultier's "Lesbian Kiss"


    This 2011 ad really confused conservatives because that's androgynous supermodel Andrej Pejic on the right kissing Karolina Kurkova. Any ad that confuses conservatives is a good ad.

    5. Vögele (Switzerland) footwear


    Cool campaign from 2012.

    This conceit — using a combination of real models' legs and illustrations on oversized shoe boxes — is attention-grabbing and attractive.

    6. Mulberry's Fall 2012 campaign, which unabashedly stole from Where The Wild Things Are.

    7. That's what good ad people do, though: steal from other forms of visual or written expression. Model — Lindsey Wixson.


    Shot in England’s Blackheath Forest.

    8. This 10-year-old FCUK commercial was banned in the UK for that kiss at the end. A shame, because it kicked ass.

    View this video on YouTube

    9. Absolut usually does solid fashion-riffing ads.

    10. And the best fashion (well, fragrance) ad ever created: Egoiste by Chanel. Shot by Jean-Paul Goude.

    View this video on YouTube


    The Harvey Nichols ads of the last ten years.

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