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The Hottest Sex Symbol Of The Last 50 Years

Your counterargument is invalid. 19 photos.


Raquel Welch

The iconic photo from the 1966 movie One Million Years B.C. that made Welch famous, and was taped to a million boy's room walls (including this boy).

She was described as "wearing mankind's first bikini" and the fur bikini was described as a "definitive look of the 1960s" (Wikipedia).

2. Two more stills from the film.

3. Controversial publicity still from One Million Years B.C.

4. Another publicity shot from the film.

5. On set.

6. She wasn't a bony waify model, a look that was becoming iconic in the late 1960s. She was (and still is) a strong bodied, kickass woman.

7. In 1965, she even did one of these Wate-On ads that seem unbelievable today.

8. Welch came thisclose to being a Bond girl in Thunderball, but was signed away by 20th Century Fox to appear in Fantastic Voyage.

9. Welch in Fantastic Voyage (1964).

10. In 1970, She played the transsexual heroine in Myra Breckinridge, and although the film was a flop, her look was not.


11. November, 1969 cover of Time.


12. Cosmo girl, 1970.

13. 1972 cover of Life from her roller derby movie Kansas City Bombers.

14. And, let us not forget, Welch was instrumental in helping Andy Dufresne escape Shawshank prison.

15. Has any woman ever looked better in a bikini?

16. Welch in 2010, 72-years-old.

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