Pick Your Favorite Ad For The New $384,000 Test-Tube Burger

Nine ads.

1. Winner winner, fake-chicken dinner.

By Matthew Wyatt (@Matthew_Wyatt).

Today, One Minute Briefs got together with The Drum to hold a contest with their readers to create a bang-it-out ad for the world’s first test-tube burger.

We went through the entries, and picked out our favorite nine, ranking them in order.

Which one is you favorite?

2. Quick. Funny. Good job.

By Matt Wright (@wrighty00).

3. Pretty obvious but sometimes the obvious is pretty good.

By Kate Bromage (Kate Bromage).

4. The Future.

By unknown.

5. A pretty nice double meaning thingie going on.

By unknown.

7. Bit of a groaner of a pun, but I’ll take it.

By Jamie Axford (Jamie Axford).

8. Headline should be bigger and stacked, and lose the damn exclamation point.

By unknown.

9. OK. But I sure as shit don’t want any Roentgenium in my burger.

By Tony Simmons (Tony Simmons).

See all the entries:

at One Minute Briefs.

Via thedrum.com

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