Questions Need To Be Asked About These 10 Ads

    Maybe, dear, young readers, you have some answers.

    1. Is this ad targeting professional killers? Even the copy seems to indicate it is.

    2. Are teenagers these days this fucking idiotic? (In-store AT&T ad)?

    3. Is Jack's referencing one of the most famously gruesome scenes in movie history (probably)?

    4. Via Arizona. Did this local advertiser steal their funny idea from this CLIO-winning campaign (yes)?

    5. Via a Tesco in Ireland. Do you want to eat a "squidgy" muffin? (Everybody in Ireland thinks they're fucking Yeats.)

    6. Is this purposely phallic (yes)? Via Carl's Jr., whose video ads are essentially soft porn.

    7. Via the Las Vegas airport. Does this ad copy make me very uncomfortable? Yes.

    8. Is Yoghurt Company overcompensating for their maybe average coffee? Probably.

    9. Does Del Taco's stupid tagline make me think of unfresh ingredients? Yes it does.

    10. Is this college poster the least effective sexism awareness ad ever? Maybe.