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Probably The Most Sexist Vintage Ad On The Internet

Don Draper really upped the insensitive asshole ante Sunday. So we had to keep pace with this edition of Mad Men Sexist Ad of the Week. Spoiler Alert!

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Here's your Don Draper Sexist Bastard recap:

First, Don decided to go dominant-psycho on his mistress and neighbor, Sylvia Rosen (Linda Cardellini from Freaks and Geeks, JESUS, I'm fucking old). Thankfully, She was smart enough to see through his admittedly intoxicating machismo and realize what a powerless husk of man he really is.

Then, even though he should be thanking the ad gods that now-copy chief Peggy Olson is back under his roof, Don is even shittier to her than when she left. He apparently really is bent on destroying everything in his life.

Finally, the last and most disturbing scene: sitting on the bed with his wife who is distraught over the TV coverage of the assassination of Bobby Kennedy, Don is thinking about, not that, or comforting Megan, but his own pathetic, small world.

Draper seems to be really heading for the bottom of a Hellish pit. I hope so. That's something I want to see, and something he deserves — not redemption. (It won't happen, because the sponsors would freak.)