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Pope And Catholics Mocked Hard By Kiwi Church Billboard

St Matthew-in-the-City does it again.

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The Anglican church just erected their latest controversial billboard Wednesday on its Hobson Street site in Auckland.

Said St Matthew vicar Glynn Cardy:

"Pope Benedict's decision to resign caused an international stir. While we, from our outsider's perspective, may think his decision was a wise and even courageous one considering the history and tradition of his context, it got us thinking about things from which we can't resign.
On Good Friday we remember Jesus' crucifixion. It was not a role that he could resign from. Jesus' faithfulness to loving and including society's rejects got him killed. Such faithfulness is not something one resigns from, for it's not a job.
The cross reminds us of the cost of confronting the political power holders regarding how they exclude the marginal and vulnerable. Jesus was faithful to a vision. Even when it cost him his life.

Previous hackles-raising billboards by St Matthew have implied that Jesus was gay, and showed the Virgin Mary holding a positive pregnancy test.

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