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Penelope Cruz Directs Sleazy Agent Provocateur Commercial (NSFW-ish)

The ad stars about 25 female asses. But since a famous woman is behind the camera, I guess It's tasteful sleaziness.

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Well boys, it's that boyhood fantasy (at least it was mine) come to life: X-ray specs.

The long form ad is for the Cruz's L'Agent line of lingerie.

The hunky scruffy hero donning the magic L'Agent sunglasses is actor Miguel Angel Silvestre. Fortunately for Silvestre (if he's playing a hetero man), his shades don't penetrate men's clothing.

He strolls through the magic party, sees three women on rings (the only mildly interesting scene in the ad) and checks out a just-underway 3-some.

Then supermodel Irina Shayk, impervious to his specs, gives him a lap dance, and he passes out after cumming in his pants, I guess.

Yes, that's Cruz's husband Javier Bardem waking Silvestri from his construction worker wet dream.

Enough cliches for you?

I know: IT'S LINGERIE. It should be somewhat sleazy.

But, if you look at past Agent Provocateur ads, like this wild very NSFW Halloween video full of undead nakedness, they were just, well, more provocative.

Note: That's Penelope's pregnant sister, Mónica (at about the 1:17 mark) leaning against a wall in a pink teddy thing.

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