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    Pee-Pee Ads

    Ten ads placed in or near restroom urinals. Can't I take a piss without being advertised at?!?

    1. The Romanian Traffic Police

    These urinal stickers were installed in men's rooms of the most crowded bars in Bucharest. Can you piss a straight line? Well then, my friend, go ahead and get behind the wheel of your car and hit the road.

    2. Arrive Alive

    The website ArriveAlive was started by the father of a young man who was killed in an accident while driving intoxicated. These drunken woman stickers were placed in bar restrooms in South Africa. The headlines are on her T-shirt.

    Questions: Why is the woman dressed so provocatively? And (right) why is the drunk woman on the floor of the men's room? (Not shown: There was a male-version sticker too. He didn't have his pants around ankles.)

    3. Vancouver Aquarium

    The aquarium wanted to teach men that in the Syngnathidae family of fish, it's the male that gets pregnant. So they put up these teaser posters and urinal installations in the men's room of a nearby bar just in time for spring break.

    When gents pissed on the pregnancy test, it immediately registered a positive. Several shitfaced males were subsequently seen running out of the restroom, screaming.

    4. Axe

    Stickers put up above urinals in the United Arab Emirates. Little too high for a glory hole, but challenge accepted.

    5. Billboard Magazine

    Billboard in Brazil placed this working urinal guitar — with amp — in the men's room of popular watering hole Bar Aurora. “FREEBIRD!” Here's video of the stunt.

    6. Eisenbahn Strong Golden Ale

    Via Brazil.

    7. ESPN

    Translation: "Soccer is good everywhere, but it is much better on ESPN channels."

    This must have caused a big mess. Again via Brazil. NOTE: The soccer ball is a mothball.

    8. New Zealand Fire Service

    Did you know that drunk cooking is one of the leading contributors to house fires in New Zealand? How to address this Kiwi epidemic? Urinal piss-vertising in bars! You see, when you wee on the sticker, the heat-sensitive ink disappears, revealing a plea to get food before you go home.

    9. Mini

    Text your Mini handling skills [insert small-penis joke here].

    10. Pro Mädchen

    Here's one for the ladies.

    You want to stop girls from purging, you’ve got to catch them in the act. Or at least catch their eyes with a pretty pink puke patch promo. The intrusive advertiser here is the Pro Mädchen girl’s house in Düsseldorf, Germany. They placed these splatter stickers (headline translates to "Bulimia is curable") on the undersides of toilet lids in women’s bathrooms at area colleges.

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