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    Only The Manliest Whiskey Ads

    If your favorite drink is a Cranberry Anything, just move on, son.

    1. Jim Beam.

    2. Jim Beam

    3. Jim Beam. Truth.

    4. Jim Beam.

    5. Jim Beam.

    6. Canadian Club.

    7. Canadian Club.

    8. Canadian Club.

    9. Canadian Club.

    10. Bearded Lady. Via Australia. Bourbon ads are allowed.

    11. Jack Daniels. Ad ran in early 2009.

    12. Jameson "The Prussian Incursion of 1807"

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    John Jameson.


    Ad agency: TBWA\CHIAT\DAY, New York.

    13. Jameson — "Lost Barrel"

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    Ad agency: TBWA\Chiat\Day New York.

    14. Jameson — love the oil painting style art direction.

    15. Jameson — a great campaign.

    16. Jim Beam. Two older ads from same campaign.

    17. Johnnie Walker — Keep Walking, Brazil. Amazing F/X.

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    A commenter from Ads of the World enlightens:

    "Part of the Brazilian national anthem goes like this: "Giant by nature. You're beautiful, you are strong, brave colossus. And your future mirrors this grandeur."

    The spot was produced to toast Brazil as they host the World Cup next year, and the Olympics in 2016.

    Ad agency: : NEOGAMA/BBH.

    18. Southern Comfort — Although a "flavored" whiskey, I will allow it.

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    He’s wearing a Speedo and…wading shoes. Wading shoes.

    Could you pull this look off? No, you couldn’t.

    He is the hero alcohol deserves.

    Ad agency: Wieden & Kennedy.