Obama And Romney Are Meatheads (UPDATED)

Because…who cares about the issues?

Barack Obameat & Meat Romney (not my names).

On their facebook page, Jack Link’s jerky wants you to…

“…vote for your favorite Meathead for a chance to win the Snack Stimulus Package that comes with $5000 cash, Jack Link’s Jerky and other meat-tastic prizes!”

You can also vote for the previously constructed Sasquatch (below), the star of their unfunny commercials.

Each jerk-tastic portrait took 50 hours and about 50 packs of jerky to complete.
UPDATE: video of the artist, Jim Mercier, making the meatheads below.

Ad agency: Carmichael Lynch.

I’d like to see a Mike Stivic Meathead pic. (He was a liberal.)
You older All in the Family fans get it.

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