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    Jul 18, 2013

    8 Ad Headlines That Are Complete Bullshit

    Most advertising lies a little. But these writers went full hyperbole.

    1. 1936. Yep. Guzzle beer all winter. Enjoy the healthiest summer of your life.

    2. 1950s. Says fucking who, Chevy?

    3. 1962. The Mad Man who wrote this ad hadn't had sex in a looooong time.

    4. 1970 Landlubbers Jeans ad. The old bait and switch. Start with the false modesty, then throw in the "mildly, but honestly transcendent." What the FUCK does that mean?

    5. 1986 ad. Her ENTIRE class? That's a young Melissa Joan Hart, by the way, not looking at all concerned.

    6. I mean that's Altoids "thing." But at least bring some interesting bullshit hyperbole.

    7. 1955. Well, the Russians will be glad to hear this news.

    8. Whoa, slow down Verizon. Also: a mouse can't run any faster than it can run, so, not very fast.

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