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    New Zealand Produces The Best PSAs In The World

    This new drug-driving commercial is a wonderful little stoner play put on by three adorable Māori children.


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    This ad, for the New Zealand Transport Agency titled "Blazed — Drug-Driving in Aotearoa" (Aotearoa is the Māori name for New Zealand), is an instant Advertising Hall of Fame Drugs PSA classic.

    The ad was just launched on Māori Television. These kids are so perfect, so natural debating whose dad is the funniest drug-driver — this is how you do a drugs ad, unlike all the laughably ineffective, preachy American drug PSAs.

    The spot is via Auckland ad agency Clemenger BBDO, shot by award-winning film director Taika Waititi.

    A second funny spot from the new campaign, one where shopkeepers describe their stoned patrons, is below.

    And back in 2011, Clemenger BBDO created one of the best drunk-driving commercials I've ever seen, "Legend."

    Watch that one below, too.


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    View this video on YouTube