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    New York City's Douchiest Real Estate Ad

    The economic meltdown put a temporary halt to these types of ads. But they're back.

    These douchebag laser-targeted realty ads used to be all over the City and the Sunday New York Times Real Estate section. This the first one of them I've seen in quite awhile. Snapped on lower 5th Avenue.

    Exclusive, Exquisite, Extraordinary, Ultra...these are very common, meaningless, hyperbolic words found in NYC real estate advertising.

    1 MiMA Tower is on 42nd Street. MiMA stands for "Middle of Manhattan." Penthouse rentals range from $10,000 to $25,000 a month.

    A couple of past douchey NYC real estate ads below.

    From 2006. How you'd like to have dinner with those two?

    In 2010, One Brooklyn Bridge Park shamelessly targeted the trust-funded fauxhemians with this noxious ad.

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