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    New Road Safety Ads Are Quite Violent

    But effective? Via Brazil, the land of over-the-top art direction.


    Doubles as a domestic violence ad?

    New road safety campaign via Ecovia, a highway management company.

    The ads certainly have an impact.

    But to what end?

    Sorry for the cynicism, but — thanks to 20 +years in the business and 8 years of ad blogging — I smell an awards grab attempt by Terremoto Propaganda, the responsible ad agency. They look and feel like ads by art directors, for art directors. I get no emotional spark from them. They are apparently real ads; the company features a banner with images from the campaign on its website. But the fact that these ads are for a private company, and not part of a government safety effort, increases my suspicion.

    And: the same idea has already been done, in 2010, in Russia, for car insurance, but using boobs (link, very NSFW).

    Well, everybody's an ad critic, so what do you think?

    See two more executions in the campaign here.