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New Photoshoot Mocks Homeless Bag Ladies

In next month's issue of Vogue Germany.

The spread, titled "Signs of the Time," was shot in New York City, and features models Mirte Maas and Magdalena Langrova. Photographer: Sebastian Kim.

Here's how the brainstorming session for this layout (probably) went down.

(in Deutsch)

"Oh Gott in himmel, another bag shoot. what do we do?"

"Let's try word association. Bag __________."







So now. So edgy. So, important.


"I spent a night on the street. I know what it's like."


"Get off your stoop? But look at my hat."


If those bags have anything other than tissue paper in them, I'll immediately go max out my AMEX card on the most unappealing floor of Barney's.


"I only collect Coke cans. It's aesthetically pleasing, isn't it?"


"I hope the soup kitchen has Vietnamese phở again today."