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    New Gun Control Ad Asks "How Many More Rounds?"

    The discharged casings of an AR-15 are labeled with the locations of American mass shootings.

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    The commercial is via Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, who are attempting to become the Mothers Against Drunk Driving group for gun control.

    In addition to Columbine, other mass shooting locations called out include: Carson City; Virginia Tech; Aurora; Minneapolis; Brookfield; and Newtown. The provocative spot ends with the message, "How many more rounds are we going to let this go on for?" along with a phone number to the Congressional switchboard.

    The ad was produced, pro bono, by Grey Canada.

    The Moms changed their named from One Million Moms for Gun Control — probably a good move considering the One Million Moms conservative Christian organization, who routinely protest major ad campaigns, has been classified a hate group.

    The ad will launch on networks such as CNN and MSNBC and in smaller markets as the group's members lobby for free or discounted air-time.

    Group founder Shannon Watts says she was inspired by the MADD brand.

    "It really changed the culture and the perceptions around driving while intoxicated," she said. "There's an important role moms play in touching the emotions of America."

    Via: The Globe and Mail.