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New Graphic Comic S&M Safe Sex Ad Via France (NSFW)

For years, AIDES, the French safe sex non-profit, has produced the best advertising in the category. And, in the same vein, their latest ad is not for puritans.

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I don't know the media buy here, but I'm guessing it's not Highlights.

Ad agency: Goodby Silverstein & Partners.

Last year, the organization put out this "World of Sex" poster, which features the Money Shot game (eww), the Clit Coaster, the Heavy Petting Zoo, the Bear Cave, the Muff Dive, and the Mustache Ride(!).

Ad agency: Goodby Silverstein & Partners.

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In 2010, The AIDES Graffiti Penis made a huge splash online.

Ad agency: TBWA Paris

IN 2008, AIDES produced these two wonderful posters that won a Bronze Lion at the Cannes Ad Festival.

Ad agency: TBWA Paris.