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    New "Voyeuristic" Cervical Cancer Awareness Ads

    "Lift Your Skirt" is maybe not the best choice of words for a public city poster.

    These PSA posters via the Singapore Cancer Society are currently up at several locations in the city.

    The models, simulating a famous Marilyn Monroe photo, are local celebrities.

    Some Singaporeans have mistook it for a fashion ad. Some others, not very surprisingly, find it sexist and voyeuristic.

    Speaking as a copywriter, pun ad headlines are rarely a good idea because the second sense of the phrase usually falls flat. This time, it's much worse than that.

    The Straits Times conducted a poll about the ad. A quarter of the respondents felt the advertisement was offensive. But a majority of respondents, 51 out of the 80 polled, approved of the message. They didn't report what the breakdown of gender was in the poll.

    Video of the making of the poster below.

    Via: Al Jazeera.

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