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    "My Dog Ate My Passport"

    The oldest excuse in the excuse book actually happened to a Welsh Rugby star, forcing him to miss a big match in France.

    Via the BBC:

    Jason Tovey, 23, was all packed and ready to go to the airport to fly to Toulon to play for Cardiff Blues when he found his ruined passport.
    "It's a bit like the old schoolboy excuse that the dog ate my homework," he added.
    The outside half's Labrador puppy Buster had even left his teeth marks on the passport, which now has gaping holes in it.
    "Buster is always chewing things but usually it's my sock and shoes," said Tovey.
    "As soon as I saw the passport I thought I'd never get through airport security with it. I was dreading telling my team coach, I didn't think anyone would believe."
    He was due to face England star Jonny Wilkinson's Toulon team but will instead have to watch the game on the television.
    He added: "I'll be keeping it on my top shelf - well out of the way of Buster's sharp teeth."
    A Cardiff Blues spokesman said: "Jason rang to say what happened - he's in the doghouse."

    I guess since it was a match, we have to believe him.

    However, if he was missing practice or, say, a team 10K run, I'd get a DNA test on that passport.

    Buster, busted.