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Muscular Nude Bodies Turned Into Landscapes

It's a new project by London photographer Carl Warner, and it's beautiful.

1. "The Desert of Sleeping Men"

British photographer Carl Warner is most well known for his food photography — see his "Foodscapes" work here.

His new project is called Bodyscapes, which he describes as "an alternative portrait of a human being whose body becomes a landscape of themselves and plays on the sense of space in which we dwell."

I've seen this kind of work done in advertising, for instance, this fat-shaming mountain bike campaign via Switzerland from 2009.

But Warner's body work is on a different level. Take a look.

2. "Valley of the Reclining Woman"

3. "Headless Horizon" ( I love this shot, so simple)

4. "Shoulder Hill Valley"

5. "Desert of Backs"

6. "The Cave of Abdo-men"

7. "Twin Peaks" (Nice)

8. "The Sleeper"

9. "Pectoral Dunes"

10. "Shin Knee Valley"

See More Of Warner's Work:

All images via Carl Warner, where you can see all his "Otherscapes" work.

Warner has done some nice and memorable ad work, too. See those images here.

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