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11 More Of The Best/Worst Local Business Slogans

Think you can do better? As usual, graded A to F.

1. Cremation


Grade: F

2. Texas Showgirls


In Wichita Falls.

Cheap is always good.

But, this is probably why the place is so cheap:

The WFPD has had to deal with 64 incidents there in the last year.

Grade: C+

3. Liquor Delivery



Grade: B+

4. Big Red Tire Pros


Nice copy to support "Family Owned."

Grade: B.

5. Some shithole bar


The Beastie Boys reference is a bit trite and tired at this point.

But, the kind of people who drink at 7am like to be able to rationalize it in their heads (I hear).

Grade: C+

6. Chris Clarke, ReMax

Your assumption is a dick move, Chris.

Grade: D.

7. Sex/Lingerie store


Well, if you were selling other methods of birth control, I'd say bravo.

But, you're not.

Grade: D+

8. Barber Shop


In St. Andrews, Scotland.

Since this is Scotland, how much whisky is key.

Still, a smart promotion.

Grade: A-

9. Barber Jon's


Bold, but also douchy.

UPDATE: After reviewing several twitter comments, I agree, it's more bold than douchy. I'm changing Jon's grade.

Grade: B

10. Pita Wrapbit


Yeah, the double meaning of a line is supposed to improve it, not make it far worse.

Grade: C-.

11. T.A.C.

In New York City.

Nice artwork.

That pun, though, OUCH.

Still, kinda charming, yes?

As long as they're not using dead Mallards on the end of long sticks.

Grade: B.

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