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German Models Wearing Nothing But Tires

For you rubber fetishists.

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Costume designer Carl Gerard Elkins and photographer Mierswa-Kluska were approached by Goodyear Dunlop to do an advertorial spread to "photographically realize key, underlying themes in the Goodyear product line, namely: strength, robustness and armor."

Pretty wild.

Ad agency: Anzinger Wüschner Rasp.

NOTE: Here's a fun Goodyear tagline story:

For years, Goodyear's smart slogan was:

"The Best Tires In The World Have Goodyear Written All Over Them"

But, back in the 1990s, a competitor took them to court over that claim, and won.

What did Goodyear do?

They added, in much smaller type, ahead of the tagline in their logo lock-up:

"We Say..."