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Mini Vinnie Jones Adorably Teaches You CPR

The best cardiac arrest PSA ad series continues....

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The original video for the British Heart Foundation, which featured awesome ex-footballer and current film tough guy Vinnie Jones, has racked up well over 2 million views.

This time, the Foundation wanted to target a younger audience. Enter 12 year-old Brenock O'Connor to mimic Jones' brilliant performance. Add a couple of mini thugs, and we have a mini-epic ad that matches the original.

Hilarious as the ads are, the campaign has been credited with directly saving 28 lives, so far, according to Creative Review.

Some of those lucky souls who were "Vinnied" appear in a series of well-made testimonial video ads. See two of the videos below. And see the others here.

Ad agency: Grey London.

View this video on YouTube

View this video on YouTube