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Michael Jackson's Life In Five Seconds

Somewhat accurate.

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The commercial is promoting the new Quercus Books title Life in Five Seconds.

From the description:

Told in ingenious pictograms that are witty, provocative and to the point, Life in Five Seconds takes over 200 important events, inventions, great lives, wonders of the natural world and cultural icons that you really need to know about, and then - hey presto! - cuts away all the useless details.

Below are two more ads from the campaign: The Beatles, and Vincent Van Gogh.

I guess these are representative of the books' content.

Kinda cute. But I don't get why anybody would want to own this book — the videos are probably more interesting.

Production costs were zilch, a very important factor for struggling publishing houses.

Ad agency: H-57 Creative Station, Italy.

View this video on YouTube

View this video on YouTube

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