This Is What Men Will Be Wearing Next Spring

According to London Fashion Week. 10 photos.

1. Two outfits from Craig Green for those looking to make an anonymous entrance.

2. Another via Craig Green. “Tie-dye Anon Fisherman”

3. From J. W. Anderson’s “colostomy bag on the outside” collection?

4. the 2014 hair look, according to Kay Kwok.

5. the 2014 hair look, according to Christopher Shannon.

6. Two comfy numbers from Astrid Andersen.

7. One more from Andersen. Lip clip completes the look.

8. From E. Tautz. SCREAM at the world: I’M AN ARTIST.

9. headgear by Nasir Mazhar. Says something about the oppressive Patriarchy, I think.

10. Also by Mazhar. Terry cloth garter belts? Probably not the correct technical term.

Note: Yes, of course these are mostly couture/concept pieces, not meant for civilian consumption.

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