Men With Epic Beards — Want To Make Some Extra Money?

BeardVertising is here. Hang a mini-billboard in your thick growth, and get paid a daily rate.

“Native Advertising” is the annoying buzz-phrase of 2013 (even around here).

Now, an ad agency in Kentucky, Cornett Integrated Marketing Solutions, is semi-seriously (emphasis on “semi”) offering businesses a very natural (though, one could wear a fake beard, I’m sure) native advertising opportunity.

Cornett told me via email that A&W (for their Mini Polar Swirls treat) is already employing the method.

Now back to you, Epic Beard Man (or Woman, I guess).

Cornett says they will pay you FIVE DOLLARS ad day to wear a mini-billboard on your chin.

Shit, I — copyranter — will pay you SIX DOLLARS a day to wear a BuzzFeed logo in your beard.

Anyway, here’s the Beardvertising website if you have an epic beard and want to make an extra fin a day.

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