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McDonald's Incredibly Terribly Horribly Bad Ad Placement

Via Singapore.

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The ad was placed in yesterday's edition of The Straits Times, in Singapore.

Singapore's pollution problem has been big international news this week, and the city's PSI (Pollution Standards Index) climbed to 321 — its highest in history — last night at 10pm.

No matter! Why not go choke down some chicken McNuggets?

Today, McDonald's apologized, saying via a spokeswoman:

The ad was "not intended to trivialise the current haze situation," adding that the one-off ad was designed and placed when haze conditions were not as severe, and agreed that in this current context, the advertisement was "inappropriate." "We are truly sorry that it has led people to feel that way. We share the concerns of Singaporeans and were equally surprised to see PSI levels hit record highs overnight."

Question: Why the fuck would you create and place the stupid ad in the first place?

I'll be in the bathroom, shaking my damn head for next few hours.

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