More Great And Terrible Local Ads

Highlight — the horrible Amy’s Baking Company gets trolled by a next-door business.

1. Brilliant. You’ve probably heard of the nightmare called Amy’s Baking Company in Arizona. Well, Mr. Scrib’s, next door, came up with a quicky winning slogan. Note the security detail.

Grade: A+

2. Las Vegas Lawyers. 100% class.

Grade: D

3. Via Atlanta. Always Be Branding — even on your matchbook covers. Nice.

Grade: B+

4. A jeweler in Astoria, Oregon. Sometimes, wordplay is smart. Sometimes, it isn’t.

Grade: C-

5. Car dealer in Memphis. You know what, you horse’s ass, you probably got rich enough to afford front row season tickets by ripping people off.

Grade: D-

6. Via Whittier, CA. Versions of the old “we’re #1 at #2” line have been used by thousands of plumber and shit pumper businesses across this great planet of ours. Still, it always makes an impression.

Grade: B-

7. Via Houston, TX. OK, a decent creative attempt, bravo.

Grade: B

8. Via Texas. Well, on one hand, it’s a nice sentiment. On the other, I don’t think I’d want a Taco joint using my death to increase business.

Grade: C-

9. A kebab place in Australia. The customer wins.

Grade: A

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