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Kentucky Man Says His Watermelon-Eating Obama Sculpture Ain't Racist

"That's my buddy. He don't talk. Don't make no smart comments," says Danny Hafley.

"The way I look at it, it's freedom of speech," says Hafley.

The amateur comedian says it's meant as a joke and not a racist display, and that everybody loves it. "If I had a dollar for everyone who stopped and took a picture of it I'd be a millionaire."

Via Lex 18:

When asked the reason behind the watermelon, Hafley responded that he thought the figure "might get hungry standing out here."
While several neighbors didn't find anything wrong with the life-sized doll and said Hafley had the right to display it, one anonymous neighbor felt others would find it racist.

"If he wants to place it someplace else that would be fine," said the neighbor. "We don't have black people in this community but I'm sure they travel this road like everybody else does. They could be offended. I don't agree with it."
The neighbor added that the figure originally had a sign asking people to pray that Obama won't destroy America.

Hafley says he bought the Obama mask on sale after Halloween and put up his tribute around the time of November's presidential election.

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