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    Posted on Apr 22, 2013

    Introducing Skype Sex Underwear

    It's called "Fundawear." Now your lover can foreplay with you long-distance with a smartphone.

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    Durex says this is a "world's first."

    Unfortunately, Fundawear is just at the experimental (a "Durexperiment") stage in Australia.

    In the video, model man and woman (probably not actual lovers) wear underwear with sensors in them. Then, they use an app on their smartphones to "touch" each other's sensitive areas (though it's unclear from the video how the woman's panty sensors would, you know, "work."

    I'm gonna go ahead and say now that this is patently stupid.

    And, it's just another really scary reason why you don't want to ever lose your smartphone.

    Ad agency: Havas Worldwide.

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