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Ad Agencies Love Doing Car Suicide Ads

The Hyundai low CO2 emissions/failed suicide idea has been done FIVE times before. See them all here.

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Note: The above Honda layout is a fake SPEC ad from 2007.

Not only is the widely-lambasted hyundai suicide commercial tactless, it's also ridiculously unoriginal.

To catch you up: the low CO2 emissions/failed-suicide idea had been produced at least five times before the Hyundai spot came along last week.

1. For real: in South Africa in 1997 by Nissan.

2. For real: in the UK in 2002 by Citroen.

3. Director's SPEC spot in Germany in 2009 for Audi.

4. SPEC spot via the Rutger Hauer Film Factory in Austria in 2009 for the Smart Car.

5. Above.

This type of thing happens all the time in the idea-bereft ad industry.