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How To Piss Off Neo-Nazis

This amazing t-shirt stunt, pulled off last August at a right wing extremist rock concert in Germany, just won a deserved One Show Gold Pencil.

A Trojan T-Shirt. Wonderful idea. Whether it actually did any good—is another matter.

From the press note:

EXIT-Deutschland, an organisation providing support for people dropping out of right wing movements in Germany, handed out what appeared to hardcore t-shirts (message: Hardcore Rebels. National and Free.) last August at the Rock Fuer Deutschland festival run by Germany’s right wing NPD party. Members of Exit Deutschland dressed up as Nazis and passed 250 of their shirts to festival visitors. Once the guys came home after the Festival and washed their shirts the shirt revealed a different message: “Was dein t-shirt, kan kannst du auch” (If your T-shirt can do it, so can you.), and the message “We’ll help you break with right-wing extremism”, and a contact number for Exit Deutschland.

Skulls work every time. Ausge-fucking-zeichnet. Video (in English) below.

Ad agency: Grabarz & Partner, Hamburg.

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